Aluminium recycling

Our main focus is aluminum recycling. We are meanwhile in this segment amongst the market leaders thanks to our special sorting and processing methods. Our years of experience, expertise, modern equipment and continuous quality controls ensure best processing of aluminum scrap. We make an effective contribution to environmental protection by closing the resource cycle.

We buy all sorts of aluminum scrap and deliver the below listed secondary raw materials in a variety of high-quality alloys to end users such as smelters and foundries:

• Aluminum sheets from the series 1,000 / 2,000 / 3,000 / 5,000 / 6,000 / 7,000
   and 8,000 each blank, coated, foiled, loose or packaged
• RAL-wire scrap from 99.5 to 99.7% in bundles
• RAL granules from 99.5 to 99.7%, in bulk or in big bags
• Al extrusion scrap 6063, each blank, coated, isolated, cut to desired length
• RAL offset plates, loose or packaged
• Alloy wheels scrap, clean or unclean
• Al foils, blank, coated, plastic-lined, loose, packaged or briquetted
• Al clippings with low Cu content, old, iron-free, loose or packaged
• Al sheet scraps with Fe, loose or packaged
• Al-casting scrap with or without iron adhesion
• Al-residues and Al skimmings in various yields and analysis
• Aluminium turnings of mixed alloy, loose
• Al-turnings of various homogenous alloys briquetted
• Al-Cu radiators iron-free, loose or packaged

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